RTView® Core

Known Limitations


12464: Asynchronous data updates may be missed by alerts

If the input value for an alert definition comes from an asynchronous data source, multiple data updates between RTView updates may be missed. For example, if your update period is set to 2 seconds, and you get data updates 3 times per second, only the last data update before the RTView update will be used in evaluating the alert state.

14880: skipDuplicateAlertsFlag doesn't behave well when changed by var

If skipDuplicateAlertsFlag is enabled set during run time through the use of a variable, it does not clear away existing duplicate alerts. In addition, when the flag is set at runtime, any medium alerts that do not have a related high alert are issued a second time.

16978: Some alert prop changes are not applied at runtime

Changes to some alert properties are not applied to existing alerts at runtime: 1. Threshold value changes on tabular alerts (ex. valueHighAlert, valueHighWarning, etc). These are only applied to the indexes that are the last received valueTable. For alerts attached directly to JMS, Hawk, RV and JMSADM data sources, the last received valueTable does not always have all of the indexes in it. To work around this problem for those data source, put them in a cache and attach the alert to the current cache. For persisted alerts, be sure that the cache contains all of the indexes after failover. 2. Threshold enabled changes on tabular and scalar alerts (ex. valueHighAlertEnabledFlag, valueHighWarningEnabledFlag, etc). These will be applied to new alerts, but will not cause existing alerts to change. For example, you have the valueHighAlertEnabledFlag set to true and several active high alerts. Setting the valueHighAlertEnabledFlag to false will not clear those alerts. However, new high alerts will no longer be generated. For persisted alerts, be sure that the cache contains all of the indexes after failover. 3. renotificationMode and renotificationTime for tabular and scalar alerts. These are only checked when the alert is generated, so if they change while there are active alerts, the changes will not be applied to the active alerts. New alerts will use the new values.

17154: Alert attached to scalar function may trigger/clear incorrectly

A scalar alert (an alert with the useTabularDataFlag turned off) with a value property attached directly or indirectly to a scalar function result will get updated with an invalid value if the function arguments are attached to data and that data is not yet available. Depending on how the alert is configured, this may cause the alert to either trigger or clear incorrectly. Alerts will only be cleared incorrectly after they have been restored after fail over using the Alert Persistence feature. The functions that cause this problem are all of the functions that return non-table (Text or Number) values. For example, a scalar limits alert is attached to the result of a Multiply function. The alert is configured so that a value less than 10 triggers an alert. The Multiply function is attached to a JMS message for Value 1 and is set to 100 for Value 2. When the function is instanced, the JMS message it is attached to hasn?t been received yet, so it?s initial value is 0. This gets multiplied by 100 and then updates the alert with a value of 0 (100x0). Since the alert is configured to trigger for a value less than 10, this will trigger an alert. For another example, a second limits alert is attached to the result of the same Multiply function. In this case, the alert is configured to trigger when the value goes over 100. The alerts are configured to use the Alert Persistence feature. A JMS message comes in with a value of 20. The Multiple function multiplies that by 100 and updates the alert with a value of 200 which triggers the alert. Then the alert engine fails over. The persisted alert is restored in the new alert engine, but the Multiply function in the new alert engine hasn?t received a JMS message yet. So, it updates the alert with a value of 0 (0x100). When the alert receives the 0 value, it will clear the persisted alert. To work around this problem, use a tabular function to drive your alert. In the example above, instead of using the Multiply function, you should use the Multiply Columns function. Attach the JMS message to the Table argument and specify the name of the column containing your value to the First Column Name or Numeric Value argument and specify 100 for the Second Column Name or Numeric Value argument. Then use the value in the Return Column of the result of that function to drive your alert. This works around the problem because the Multiple Columns function returns a table which will be null or empty if the incoming Table argument is null or empty so the alert will know that the data coming in is invalid.

18571: Auto-creation of Alert Persistence Table fails on some databases

The Create Database Table If Not Found option on the Alert Persistence tab of the Application Options dialog does not work for all supported databases. If auto-creation of the alert persistence database table fails, follow the instructions in the documentation to create it manually.


11790: Displays do not always print correctly from Display Builder

When printing in the Display Builder, only the visible part of the display is printed. To print the entire display, resize the window so the whole display is showing when you print.

17190: File->New/Open clears initial value of mapped vars in drilldowns

If a child panel contains the same display as the main panel via drilldown to current display, or via Preview Display in the Builder, and the user changes the main display using File->Open or File-New in the Builder or Viewer, mapped substitutions in the child panel that are still at their initial value will be lost.

Builder - Editing

10285: Ctrl-C cannot be used to copy from child window to main window

Using Ctrl-C to copy an object in a drill down window does not work properly in the Display Builder. Instead, use the popup menu option "Copy" to do this.

10667: Changing properties between copy and paste changes pasted data

When an object is copied and its properties are modified, the modified changes are included with the pasted properties.

11638: Double-click when selecting multiple objects deselects objects

Double-clicking on objects while using the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple objects causes a drill down, and deselects all objects.

11930: Undo of change to function listeners may update wrong listeners

If you have an object that is listening for a function named function2 and you rename an existing function named function1 to function2 then select yes in the confirm dialog to update the function listeners, when you undo this action, the object that was originally listening to function2 will now be listening to function1.

11944: Move by arrow key does not work for tables if a cell has focus

If the selected table object has a selected cell, it cannot be moved using the arrow keys. To move it, click and drag.

11959: Cannot undo direct changes to table column width and sorting

Changes made to table column width or table sorting cannot be undone if they were made by click-dragging the columns, or clicking on column headers to change sort order. They can only be undone/redone if the changes are made directly to the sortColumnName, sortAscendingFlag and columnProperties property fields.

11960: One select item on undo stack when drill down to current window

In the Display Builder, when you change the main display the history stack is cleared. However, when you change the main display by drill down, a bogus undo selection event is added to the history stack. If you click undo immediately after drill down, this may cause the selection to change.

12090: Select by extent is not implemented with the -noedit option

The ability to select objects by extent does not work when the Display Builder is run with the -noedit option.

12319: General objects sometimes move when scaling

If a general object is large enough that the extent is larger than the background object, the object will move when it is scaled.

Builder - Palette Handling

10050: Spaces in tab names in PALETTE.ini are not currently supported

Spaces in tab names in PALETTE.ini are not currently supported.

Builder - Property Dialogs

12239: Color Picker locked to the color def of the first display

The Color Picker dialog displays the color choices from the color palette of the first object selected. Subsequent objects will display the same color palette in the Color Picker, even if the color palette for that object is different.

12418: Copying visFlag does not make an object invisible

If the properties for an invisible object are pasted onto a visible object using Paste All Properties or Paste Static Properties, the visFlag of the receiving object will become unchecked in the Object Properties window, but the visibility of the object will not change.


12213: Problem using same threshold command for multiple ranges

If you use the same command for multiple alert or alarm conditions on the same object, it does not behave the same as if you use a different command for each range. For example, you have an object with valueHighAlarm set to 80 and valueLowAlarm set to 10 with a different command for the high alarm than the low alarm. In this case, if your value goes to 90, then immediately to 5, both commands will execute regardless of the commandTimeout property. If both the high and low alarms use the same command, the low alarm will only execute if the amount of time specified for the commandTimeout property has elapsed since the high alarm command executed.

12483: Display Viewer Applet does not support email attachments

The Email system command does not support email attachments in the Display Viewer Applet.

12570: Open Browser not working properly from drilldown window

The Parent option for the Open Browser command does not work correctly in the Display Server, the URLwill show in the current window, not in the parent window.

14580: Multiple commands may be executed out of order

RTView has no control over the order in which threads or processes started by commands are completed, and therefore it is not guaranteed that the commands in a multiple command will be completed in order

14610: Multiple commands dialog slow with high numbers of commands

The delay in bringing up the Multiple Commands dialog is directly related to how many commands are in the list. Once you have approximately 50+ commands, you will notice a delay.

14883: DOS commands not supported outside batch file

While the "Run DOS Command or Unix Shell" system command supports executing applications as if from a command line (batch files, shell scripts, executables, etc), it does not support direct DOS commands (dir, copy, etc).

Data Historian

10409: VAR_NAME field does not adjust for long VAR_NAME keys

The VAR_NAME field of the HISTORY and HISTORY_S tables is always set to 80 bytes (or 100 after 10385). If your VAR_NAME keys are longer or shorter than this, you can adjust the size of the field manually in the database manager itself once the table is created.

10722: Historian -daemon crashes if config file has background image

Displays containing background images cannot be used as configuration files for the Historian if running with the -daemon flag.

12588: JDBC DB URL with space fails in Historian after restart

The Historian cannot parse a JDBC database url that contains spaces. To work around this problem, manually add single quotes to the url in HISTORIAN.ini

14335: Run data server and historian in the same process

The Data Server and Data Historian will sometimes need to access the same data set, and if this data set is large, there could be a performance hit. To work around this, run the Data Historian and Data Viewer with the same -dataserver option. The Data Server will collect the data once, and the Display Viewer and Data Historian should see the same values. For example (running all 3 on the same host): run_dataserver -socket -nogui -verbose run_historian mydisplay.rtv -dataserver:// run_vewer mydisplay.rtv -dataserver://

15543: Cannot attach to displaced tables

Displacement tables that are created by the Data Historian using the compactionType "displace" cannot be attached to from an RTView display.

15791: SQLSERVER and Oracle not supported for groupByType "count"

The groupByType "Count" is not supported for compaction to Oracle and SQL Server databases.

17592: persistCaches option might miss initial data

With the persistCaches option, it is possible for the Historian to miss the initial data from the data server. When the Historian starts up, it needs to make a connection to the data server and discover the caches to persist. Any data added to the history cache before the Historian discovers it will not be stored to the database. To workaround this problem when your cache contains alert data, set the Alert Initial Delay Time to a high enough value to allow this initialization to complete before the first alert is generated.

19377: Oracle jdbc connections leak memory on statement errors

The Oracle JDBC driver may leak memory if SQL errors are reported on incorrectly configured inserts. This could happen when using the SQL DS command or when the historian is reporting an insert error.


15781: Alternate tables do not support "-smoothcompaction"

Alternate tables for Historian compaction do not support -smoothcompaction (existing data is not re-compacted).

Data Server

10401: Table and scalar objects cannot reference same data attachment

When using the Data Server, a table and a scalar object (e.g., meter or label) cannot reference the same data attachment. Only the table will show data, the scalar will not show any data.

10652: Old displays with SQL data attachments don't work in Data Server

Displays created with a version previous to 2.0j1 which contain SQL data attachments will not work with the Data Server. SQL data for these displays will not be output from the Data Server. To update your display so it will work with the Data Server, open the old display in the Display Builder (version 2.0j1+) and save it.

10719: Data Server -daemon crashes if config file has background image

Displays containing background images cannot be used as configuration files for the Data Server if running with the -daemon flag.

10729: Subs in XML source not applied by Data Server in socket mode

Substitutions in the XML source path are not applied by the Data Server when it is in socket mode.

11142: Old displays with JMS data attachments don't work in Data Server

Displays created with the January 3.0c0 Beta which contain JMS data attachments will not work with the Data Server. JMS data for these displays will not be output from the Data Server. To update your display so it will work with the Data Server, create a connection in the Display Builder (version 3.0c1+), then open the old display and save it.

12659: Data Server fails if an alert commend requires a GUI

If an alert command requires a graphical user interface, such as a Drill Down Command, the Data Server will not be able to execute the command.

12667: Data Server hangs if port in use

The Data Server will hang if another application is using the Data Server's port.

13840: There is no option to stop requerying by Data Server

The Data Server maintains a list of SQL queries that are required to update its clients' displays. These queries are executed by the Data Server at its configured update interval. When an SQL query is no longer required by any clients, the Data Server does not remove the query from its list immediately. Instead, the Data Server continues to execute the query for several update intervals. Users who monitor the SQL activity of the Data Server should be aware that this behavior is intended: It is an optimization to improve client response time, so that the client need not wait for the Data Server to re-execute an SQL query for a display that is dismissed and then recalled shortly thereafter (for example, when a user pages back and forth between the same set of displays in a client browser). After several updates, if the SQL query is still not required by any clients, the Data Server will remove it from its query list. Note that this does not affect static SQL queries, which are only executed once.

Data Sources

11624: $topic and $subject drill down values incorrect for aliases

The default table drill down substitutions for $topic and $subject are not correct if drilling down from a table that is attached to an alias. The $topic substitution contains the topic and the $subject substitution contains the subject. They should both contain the name of the alias instead.

12100: Special characters in table column headers not converted

Encoded haracters like > and < are not converted to their appropriate special character ( > and < in this case) in the when they are used as the header of a table column if you are using either the Display Server or Data Server.

12296: Command status is not returned for data source commands

Command status is only returned for system commands. All data source commands are assumed to execute successfully.

Cache Data Source

15014: Cannot save cache definition if file not found

If a file is included in the Cache Defintion File list that cannot be found by the application, it will not be saved to CACHEOPTIONS.ini. This has particular bearing on Oracle Coherence Monitor. If you run the Display Builder or Configuration Utility without the -ocm(node) option and then save the options, the resulting .ini files will mis-configure the Oracle Coherence Monitor.

JMS Data Source

11177: Properties with the same name as fields may not display

If your JMS message has a field and a property with the same name, when you attach to it using the Fields and Properties Data Mode, only the field will be added to the returned table.

11727: Must manually set max number of queue browser messages

The only way to control the maximum number of queue browser messages is by manually entering the option "maxQueueMsgCount N" into the JMSOPTIONS.ini file. This option does get saved with any future Saves of the Options dialog.

12583: JMS Transaction Simulator is not supported with IBM WebSphere

The JMS Transaction Simulator is not supported with IBM WebSphere.

JMX Data Source

12157: Filtered data displays after non-filtered data is updated

If an object displaying a JMX data attachment uses a filter, the data in the object will be available one update pass after the unfiltered data is available - when the display containing the object is first opened.

12729: Can not select a Filter Field that is not in Target

For the JMX datasource, the Filter Field must be one of the valid selected Target fields. It is not possible to specify a Filter Field that is not in the list of Targets (Attributes/Operations). If you need to filter on a field but do not want that field to show up in a Table object, for example, then use the columnsToHide property of the Table object.

12730: Wildcard in domain part of MBean name(type) fails in some cases

The wildcard "*" cannot be used in the domain portion of an MBean name. The key property columns are not generated correctly and an error message is sent to the console.

14462: Notified data does not refresh composite attribute format

If the user changes the JMX Option checkbox for ?Expand Composite Attributes?, polled data objects will update at the next ?pulse? of the update heartbeat. Currently the notified data objects do not notice this change, since it is not a change that is initiated by the bean connection and there is no update by ?pulse? for notified objects. The workaround is to re-open the file.

16714: Client login passthrough not supported for jmx connection groups

JMX client login passthrough is not supported for JMX Connection Groups. Connections added to a group must have all credentials added to their definition.

21545: Websphere JVM does not load multiple truststores

The IBM JVM that is required for connecting to an IBM WebSphere Application Server does not support the use of more than one truststore in a session. This means that the first truststore loaded by RTView via a defined JMX connection is the only truststore it will see, and this truststore will be expected to accept the certificates of all jmx connections defined for your data server. If it is not convenient or possible to use a single truststore that is valid for all your servers, an alternative solution is to use an RTVAgent configuration where each server has a dedicated agent dataserver. Please see the RTView User Guide for more details on how to use an RTVAgent.

OLAP Data Source

12284: Initial ODBO connection sometimes fails

In some cases, connecting to an OLAP database using ODBO fails on the first try. To configure RTView to re-attempt the connection, use the -olapretry command line parameter. See Appendix C: Command Line Options in the documentation for more information.

12577: OLAP data not being served by Data Server

The Data Server will sometimes fail to connect to an OLAP provider.

RRD Data Source

14587: RRD Data Source is not supported on Solaris

The RRD Data Source is currently not supported on Solaris.

SQL Data Source

10673: Some drivers do not allow queries on columns ending in space

Some JDBC drivers do not allow queries on columns that end in a space. RTView queries the database to get the names of columns to use in the Attach to SQL Data dialog. If a column name returned from the database contains a space, and the driver does not accept queries on columns with names that end in a space, an SQL exception occurs. To workaround this issue, remove the space from the end of the column name in the Attach to SQL Data dialog.

11456: Sybase table created by Historian is of wrong type - sql error

The RTView Historian datatypes are not fully compatible with Sybase. If the Historian is storing timestamp data in the TIME_STAMP_LS column, the following error occurs: SQLException: Implicit conversion from datatype 'NUMERIC' to 'VARCHAR' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query. To workaround this problem, create the HISTORY and HISTORY_S tables manually.

11773: If using Excel w/ODBC, Excel hangs if RTView also accesses .xls

When accessing an Excel spreadsheet using ODBC driver, Excel sometimes hangs if it is opened at the same time as the Display Builder or Display Viewer. Open the Excel spreadsheet and RTView applications at separate times. If it does hang, you can recover by terminating the Excel process using the task manager.

11785: Column name starting with number must be in quotes in SQL query

In a raw SQL query, any column name that begins with a numeric letter must be enclosed in quotes. Otherwise it is interpreted as a calculated column and the results are different from expected.

11787: Query fails if more than one column starts with a number

A column that starts with a number and is referenced in an SQL data attachment must be enclosed in quotes, e.g. "1991". This works fine if you have only one of these references. If you have more than one, then both data attachments will fail to return correct data. A workaround for this problem is to make the query using "*" in an RTView COPY function, then select the columns you want using the Columns selector of the data attachment dialog.

14911: Static SQL query will continue to requery until it is successful

A static SQL query will continue to requery until it is successful. As a result, any unsuccessful query that generates an error message in the console will continue to produce an error until the app is closed.

15319: Static update mode results in query that stays in memory

The result set for a SQL data attachment that is designated "Static" is never removed from memory once executed. If you want a query that remains in memory only while referenced, set the query interval to be a large number, like 10000000 seconds, rather than define it to be static.

15785: Bad sql query to a table will prevent a good query

If a display contains multiple SQL attachments that use the same database connection, table, max rows, and query interval query, but specify different column names, then the SQL data adapter will compose a single 'shared' sql query for all of those attachments. Under this scenario, if one of those attachments includes an incorrect column name, then all of the attachments will fail.

StreamBase Data Source

12526: StreamBase data source does not support built-in substitutions

The StreamBase data source does not support built-in substitutions.

12595: Monitor tables do not updated after reconnect

If the data source is running before the server starts, the monitor thread is never created. If the server stops then restarts, the monitor thread stops updatating.

12611: StreamBase command sometimes fails in Display Server

StreamBase commands will fail in the Thin Client deployment if both the StreamBase and the TIBCO EMS Administration data source are in use.

12612: History table should only update once

In the StreamBase data source, data attachments to the history tables should only update once, but they currently update every time new tuple data is received.

12614: Metrics not populated if Streambase data not already available

Streambase metrics do not populate in RTView displays if the Display Builder/Viewer is opened before Streambase data is available.

12615: StreamBase version 3.7 is not supported

The StreamBase Data Source is not supported with StreamBase 3.7.

TIBCO Hawk Data Source

10456: Agent manually added to Agent Group not in Available Agent list

When defining Agent Groups, agents manually added in the Select Agents dialog in the TIBCO Hawk Agent Groups tab of the Application Options dialog are added to the Agent Group being edited, but are not added to the list of available agents used to populate the Select Agents dialog. To add agents to this list, they must be added to the TIBCO Hawk method repository.

11772: Multiple Hawk connections with same parameters not supported

Each TIBCO Hawk connection must contain unique parameters. If more than one connection is specified with the same parameters, some agents will come in on one connection and some on the other. They will not come in on the same connection each time RTView is run.

12120: Data attachments for agents not in default

In release 4.1c1, support was added to specify multiple connections to TIBCO Hawk (see the release note for task #11686). This release did not provide support for multiple agents with the same name on different domains. In 4.2c1, support was added to specify the connection for an agent in the data attachment (see the release note for task #12104). If the connection isn't specified in the data attachment, it is assumed that the agent is on the default connection. This will break data attachments made with version 4.1c1 to agents not on the default connection. To fix the problem, specify the connection for the agent in the data attachment.

12283: Hawk Transports not saved when run with -dataserver

When the RTView Display Builder is run with the -dataserver flag, the defined Hawk Transports will not be saved if you save your TIBCO Hawk options file from the Application Options dialog. To save your transports run without the -dataserver option.

TIBCO Rendezvous Data Source

11016: No support for TIBCO Rendezvous multiple filter values

The TIBCO Rendezvous Attach to Data dialog does not support filtering on multiple values. To filter your TIBCO Rendezvous data by multiple values, use the Filter By Row function.

12379: pcap utility requires superuser permissions on some UNIX's

The pcap utility used by rvtrace with the rvmonitor application requires superuser permissions to run on some UNIX systems.

12419: Limitations on subjects that use tibrvcfg

The RTViewDs.ConfigServices and RTViewDs.ConfigClientTransports subjects call the tibrvcfg utility that comes with your TIBCO Rendezvous installation. These limitations of the tibrvcfg utility also apply to RTView when making data attachments to these subjects: 1. tibrvcfg only provides information for daemons that are running the same version or later. For example, the tibrvcfg that comes with TIBCO Rendezvous 7.2 will not return data for daemons that are running with TIBCO Rendezvous 7.5. The tibrvcfg that comes with TIBCO Rendezvous 7.5 will return data for daemons running with version 7.5 or earlier. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the latest TIBCO Rendezvous version on the systems where you run RTView. 2. The tibrvcfg utility that shipped with TIBCO Rendezvous versions 7.3 and 7.4 was broken. Therefore, it is recommended that you use TIBCO Rendezvous version 7.2 or 7.5 on the systems where you run RTView.

XML Data Source

10674: Attach to XML Data dialog do not validate on Apply

XML data attachments can be entered manually even if you have not added the XML source in the Application Options dialog. It should be noted, however, that any information you enter manually will not be considered validated by the dialog until you apply, close, and re-open the Attach to XML Data dialog.

10724: Unset sub in boolean column filter value evaluated as "false"

Substitutions may be used in place of an explicit value for XML data attachment filters. If the substitution value is not yet set, the table will not populate until it is set. If the column is boolean, however, an unset substitution is interpreted as being "not true", and thus the table populates as if you were filtering for any rows where that column was equal to false.


11963: Some demo features will not work entirely with Win98

Some of the functionality in the demos, such as buttons to start and stop data simulators, call Windows commands that Windows 98 does not have.

12244: Demo Server crashes if stopped during start up

If the user attemps to stop the Demo Server before it has finished starting up, a ConnectException will be thrown.

JMX Monitor

12167: Some JVM MBeans are not available on all systems

The JMX Monitor demo displays data about the Java Virtual Machine by accessing the available MBean methods. The available MBean methods vary across systems, so not all of the MBeans may be available on your system.

XML Data Simulator

11372: The RTView XML Simulator leaks memory

The XML Simulator calls the File.deleteOnExit() method which is known to leak memory according to Sun bug #4513817. This memory leak has not been fixed because this application is always terminated unexpectedly. This would cause temporary files to be left whenever the application is run if the leak was fixed.

Display Server

10688: Refreshing with Multiple Display Panels reloads initial displays

When using Multiple Display Panels in the Display Server, clicking on the browser's refresh button will cause all of the original displays to reload, even if the displays in some of the panels have changed due to drill down.

10846: Replaced substitutions are not passed into child windows

In the Display Server, windows containing substitutions inherited from a parent window are not updated if the substitutions in the parent window change. To get the new substitutions, the window must be reopened.

10854: Child windows do not close when browser window is closed

Drill down windows opened using a browser and the Display Server do not close when the main browser window is closed.

11044: Some Multiple Display Panels not supported in Display Server

The GridPanel, CardPanel and RtViewNavTreePanel tags in Multiple Display Panels are not supported in the Display Server.

11045: Placement attribute for tabs is ignored in the Display Server

The placement attributes for tabs is ignored in the Display Server. The tabs are always drawn at the top.

11046: Drill down between tabs is not supported by the Display Server

In the Display Viewer, you can drill down between tabs using the Current Window drill down option. This is not supported in the Display Server. The specified display will be opened in the current tab.

11216: Borders not always drawn in exported tables in Firefox 1.5

Tables exported to HTML in Firefox 1.5 may sometimes exclude vertical borders between table cells.

11547: Drill down to "." in a named panel uses parent display

Drill down to the Current Display in a named panel will load the current display of the parent window instead of the current display of the named panel. This is contrary to the behavior of the Display Builder and Display Viewer.

11550: Focus lost on text fields occurs too late in Display Server

If you type into a text entry control which has the executeOnFocusLostFlag enabled and then click on a button, the button drill down will execute before the text entry drill down. This means you cannot count on a local variable or a substitution getting set from a text entry before the button executes unless you press <Enter> when you are finished editing the text field.

11571: Check box colors ignored by Display Server

The fgColor and bgColor properties in the check box object are not supported in the Display Server. Check boxes in the Display Server always show a black check on a white background.

11619: Popup menus are hidden behind some controls on IE

The popup menu in the Display Server is displayed behind any nearby combo boxes and list boxes. This problem only occurs in Internet Explorer.

11629: Tomcat 5.5 installer lacks scripts needed by install_to_tomcat

The Windows Installer version of Tomcat 5.5 does not include the scripts that %RTV_HOME%\bin\install_to_tomcat.bat calls to copy a .war file to the web server. Without these scripts, install_to_tomcat.bat will not run. To acquire these scripts, you need to download the .zip or .tar.gz version of Tomcat 5.5. If you wish to retain your current installation of Tomcat, you can extract the following scripts from the archive and copy them to your %CATALINA_HOME%\bin directory: startup.bat shutdown.bat setclasspath.bat catalina.bat service.bat

11640: Firefox/Netscape sometimes crash in Display Server displays

Mozilla Firefox and Netscape sometimes crash when closing or navigating between the Display Server displays.

11676: Integer and double text edit boxes do not validate user input

Users are able to enter non-numeric characters into the obj_c1textedit_i and obj_c1textedit_d objects in the Display Server.

11791: Display Server lists any file with file extension .rtv*

The Display Server will include any file with an extension that begins with .rtv.

11921: Export to Excel using Internet Explorer fails on some systems

On some systems, the Export Table to Excel feature of the Display Server may fail when invoked from Internet Explorer. An error dialog is shown with the message "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file http://.../rtvdisplay/tableToExcel.jsp/...". A workaround is to use the Export to HTML feature instead. Save the HTML file to disk, then start Excel and open the HTML file.

12063: Display Server does not support text entry for drop down lists

The text entry functionality of the drop down list control objects is not supported in the Display Server.

12145: Display Server drill down sub order different

In the Display Builder and Display Viewer, if a standard table substitution value is overridden in the drill down target, this will take precedence when applying substitutions on a drill down. In the Display Server, the standard table substituion values take precedence.

12164: Cannot disable word wrap for \n in table cell values

In order to support multi-line text in table cells, the \n character is always assumed to mean a carriage return. There is no way to disable this feature so that the \n is treated as regular text. For example the text c:\myfiles\newfile would be displayed in the table cell as: c:\myfiles ewfile

12166: Java 1.5.0_06+ required to monitor Display Server with JMX

The Display Server is instrumented with JMX to allow managing and monitoring of cached displays and application settings. Viewing displays containing data attachments to the Display Server MBean methods through the Display Server can cause the Display Server to hang if the Display Server is run using Java versions previous to 1.5.0_06.

12235: Users not notified if command fails in Display Server

In the Display Builder and Display Viewer, clients are notified if the command that they executed has failed. Display Server clients, however, are not notified of failed commands.

12236: No close window on successful command in Display Server

The closeWindowOnCmdSuccess property is not supported by the Display Server.

12242: Firefox: vertical lines disappear from export to HTML

Vertical cell borders may not be drawn in an exported HTML table if the user has drilled down to the display containing the original Ajax table.

12257: Command confirm for drill down commands not supported

Command confirm for drill down commands is not supported. in the Display Server

12258: Table row striping not supported in export-to-HTML/Excel

Table row striping is not included in exported HTML and Excel files.

12292: Clear Substitutions not supported on the Display Server

The Clear Substitutions functionality is not supported on the Display Server.

14680: Displays with anti-aliasing may not load if -imagequality is set

The Display Server may fail to load a display that has anti-aliasing if the -imagequality parameter has been specified.

14735: Objects with duplicate names are not handled properly

If you create a new display and add objects to it, and then later add an include file that contains objects with the same name(s), the Display Server will use many object properties (such as drill down parameters) from the included file for both objects.

15194: Use Client Credentials option will not work via Data Server

The Use Client Credentials option will not work when you run the Display Server as a Data Server client. This effects the sql, jmx, and olap data sources.

18582: removeLineBreaksFlag impacts drill down subs in thin client

The removeLineBreaksFlag on obj_table02 removes the line breaks from the data displayed in the table. In the thin client, it also removes the line breaks from substitutions set by drilling down on the row in the table. This is incorrect and inconsistent with the behavior in the viewer application. The substitution should always contain the value from the data, regardless of the removeLineBreaksFlag.

19843: Deadlock condition exists in display server with object grid - sql data

If a display contains a grid of composite objects, and local sql queries are used as inputs to functions that populate the grid or set variables within the composites, this can lead to a deadlock between the sql data source and the function data source, in a display server deployment. The solution is to redirect the sql data attachments to a data server. That removes the sql threads from the display server process and avoids the potential deadlock with the functions used in the grid/composite displays.

20085: Initial frame of animated gif not erased if bg is transparent

If a label object contains an animated gif with a transparent background, the initial frame is never erased in the thin client. In rtview 6.5 or newer this problem can be easily avoided by checking the webLabelFlag property on the label object.


10849: Uninstall does not remove all environment variables

The RTV_HOME environment variable is removed during uninstallation, but is not actually removed until the user restarts their computer.

11037: Program menu items do not always work on Japanese Windows NT

Program menu items do not always work on Japanese Windows NT.

11176: RTV_JAVAOPTS not included in the Start menu launchers

The Start menu launchers do not include the %RTV_JAVAOPTS% variable that allows the input of Java options. In order to use Java options you must run programs from the command line.

12293: Windows 98/NT no longer supported for RTView.

Windows 98 and Windows NT are no longer supported for RTView.

12591: The initial screen comes up in English the Japanese installer

The RTView installer executable will display dialogs in Japanese on a Japanese locale and in English on any other locale. However, the initial installation dialog always appears in English. Additionally, the Start Menu option for uninstalling RTView is now entirely English.

Drill Down

10539: Applet: Cannot drill down if parent filename has URL path

Drill down fails in the Display Viewer Applet if the rtv_filename applet parameter includes the full URL. For example, if the HTML page contains PARAM NAME="rtv_filename" VALUE="" rather than PARAM NAME="rtv_filename" VALUE="alldisplays.rtv" activating a drill down will not work properly. The workaround is to use a relative path for the URL.

10845: Drill down branching only works if data immediately available

If the data for a drill down branch function data attachment is not immediately available during the drill down, it will fail.

11041: Cannot drill down to a URL with spaces in it

RTView does not currently encode URL's that contain spaces before performing a drill down. To drill down to a URL which contains spaces, you must manually encode it.

11135: Colon in filter column or value will break drill down subs

If your filter column or filter value contains a :, the filterfield and filtervalue drill down substitutions will be incorrect.

11225: drillDownSelectMode ignored if right-click to drill down

The drillDownSelectMode property is ignored if the user right-clicks and selects Drill Down to drill down on a table or graph. Double-clicking to drill down applies the drillDownSelectMode property correctly.

14884: DD to named window does not refresh with updated display

If a named window contains a display that has been modified since drill down, drilling down again will not refresh the display. You must close the window and then drill down to see the new version.

21464: Drill Down option in right click menu enabled but non-functional

If a table object's drillDownTarget property is configured, then the Drill Down menu item appears when the user right-clicks on the object. But in some cases it may appear that picking the Drill Down menu item has no effect. For example, this occurs if the table object's drillDownTarget is configured to a drilldown to the current window/display and set substitutions, but none of those subs make a visible change to the display.


10410: The Delta function cannot be used with Data Server when polled

The Delta function cannot be used with the Data Server when it is polled. The Delta function spikes when the value changes and then goes back to zero on each poll.

11249: Large interval for Delta function may cause out of memory error

The Delta function calculates the rate of change of a value over the number of seconds specified for the time interval. To do this, it stores each data point it receives during the span of the interval. If the time interval is large, a large number of points will be stored which may result in an out of memory error.

12697: Provide way to change function name across displays

A global or included function that is referenced in a display will break if you change the name of the function in the global or include file.

14924: Date functions might require initalization of a date format

Not all possible date formats are recognized by the date functions. In some cases this can result in incorrect results. If you encounter inaccurate results, try initializing the date format you are using via the Date Format dialog in the Application Options dialog.

19565: Validate Substitution function fails if Valid Value Table doesn't update

The Validate Substitution function does not execute when the substitution referenced in the Substitution String argument changes after the display is initially loaded. Since the Substitution String argument references the name of the substitution and not the value, the function is not triggered when the value changes.


18250: Style sheet setting sometimes overrides data attachments

If a property on an object is attached to data and a value for that property is also specified in a stylesheet, then in some cases the stylesheet value for the property will incorrectly override the value from the data attachment. To work around the problem, detach the property from data, then set the property to a static value different than the value specified in the stylesheet. That will set the styleOverride for property on the object. Then reattach the property data and save the file.


12635: Column filters do not work with duplicate column names

If a tabular data set has columns with duplicate names (such as the output of a Join function), column filtering will always choose the first instance of that column name.

Java Version Dependencies

15531: Poor compatability of applets in IE with JRE 1.6.0_10+

RTView applets in Internet Explorer have been known to freeze when run with JRE 1.6.0_10+. This is due to theNext Generation Java Plugin introduced in that version by Sun. Until such a time as we can adjust for this change in the plugin, we recommend using an earlier version of the plugin or a browser other than Internet Explorer.

17040: Must use -Xjit:disableInlining when using IBM JVM

When run with the IBM JVM the data server will sometimes seem to ignore new addListener requests for cache data from clients, even though data is still pushed for listeners already established. This problem occurs spontaneously after data server has run for some time. Only cache listeners are effected, new listeners for other data sources work properly. Investigation indicates that the GmsRtCache.getTable() method and possibly also the GmsRtViewCacheDs.getTable() method have been inlined by the JIT optimizer incorrectly, so that they always return null. In experiments, adding conditional System.out.print calls inside those methods avoided the problem, presumably because those changes prevented inlining. The problem can be avoided by disabling inlining as follows: -Xjit:disableInlining Version info for JVM with problem: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build pwi3260sr7ifix-20100220_01(SR7+IZ70326)) IBM J9 VM (build 2.4, JRE 1.6.0 IBM J9 2.4 Windows XP x86-32 jvmwi3260sr7-201002 19_54049 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled) J9VM - 20100219_054049 JIT - r9_20091123_13891 GC - 20100216_AA) JCL - 20091202_01

17938: JdbcOdbc exception with Java 7 on Linux

By default, if an sql query or command is executed that references a database name XYZ and there is no definition of XYZ in OPTIONS.ini then RTView attempts to establish an ODBC connection to XYZ. On Linux, using the JdcbOdbc driver throws the following exception: java: symbol lookup error: /home/m/jdk1.7.0_05/jre/lib/i386/libJdbcOdbc.so: undefined symbol: SQLAllocEnv To disable the attempt to connect using the JdbcOdbc driver, use the following command line option: -sqltryodbc:false The option can also be specified in OPTIONS.ini: sqltryodbc false or in a properties file: sl.rtview.sql.sqltryodbc=false


11548: Display Viewer Applet sometimes times out in less than 20 min

The unlicensed Display Viewer Applet time-out sometimes times out after only 10 minutes.

11603: Licensing fails for normal users due to permissions

If RTView is installed by an administrator on a Windows system, normal users may experience licensing troubles due to permissions affecting the license file. To avoid this, the administrator should set %RTV_HOME%\lib\KEYS to be accessible by all users.

12082: Licensing will fail with leading spaces

The RTView licensing will fail if any leading spaces are before the key in the registration dialog or KEYS file.

14331: "failed to execute: hostid" error on HP-UX systems

If the hostid utility is not found on an HP-UX system, RTView will use the lanscan utility instead for licensing verification. The console will still, however, complain: "HP-UX failed to execute: hostid" Disregard this error message.

Local Variables

11040: Local var created in Attach To Data dialog not linked to sub

When a local variable is created by naming it in the Attach To Local Variable dialog, it cannot be linked to a substitution. You must define the local variable first in the Local Variables dialog in order for it to be linked to a substitution.

11047: Child window not updated when substitution changed by local var

When a substitution is updated by the local variable it is linked to, the new substitution value is not passed to the child windows. To work around this, add an actionCommand which sets the substitution to the control which is updating the local variable.

14814: Scalar variable cannot be dynamically set if column field used

If the varToSet field of a control object has been attached to a scalar variable with the Column(s) field of the data attachment set, then the control object will not be able to set the variable. The Column(s) field should be left blank for attachments to scalar variable

Object Library

10841: Swing components draw in front of all other objects

Swing components always draw in front of all other objects, even if they are moved to the back of the display.

11661: Default appearance of tables and graphs has changed

The default for several object properties in the table and graph objects have changed so the objects are more consistent. Some of these properties had been added only in the previous release. Tables and graphs in displays created with older versions of RTView may change slightly in appearance since they did not previously contain these properties.

11927: Characters in rotated text do not always line up

The characters in rotated text do not line up precisely for some angles. This is a Java limitation.

12505: Threshold alarm commands are missed between update passes

The dynamic objects, range dynamic and discrete dynamic, ignore threshold violations which occur between display updates. For example, if the valueHighAlarm is set to 10 and the value is attached to a frequently changing value "foo" and the following occurs: foo = 5 display update foo = 15 foo = 5 display update then the valueHighAlarm will not be triggered by the value of 15.

14478: Objects are larger if height and width are defined by variables

Objects whose height and width are defined using variables are larger than those defined with hard-coded values. A workaround for this is to create a function that multiplies the value of the variable by 8, and set the height/width property to that function.

14889: Cannot undo copy into toggle-able field

If you paste object properties from one object to another using the Paste All, Paste Static, and Paste Data Attachments options, and one of those fields copied is one that is only available based on the value of a different object property, that property will not clear if you undo the paste.

20873: Substitution value garbled if it contains space and ends with slash

If a drilldown sets a substitution to a string that ends with a / character and the string also contains one or more space characters then rtview may garble the value, adding garbage characters at the end of the string. To avoid this problem, enclose the string in double quotes, or remove the slash from the end of the string and use an rtview function to append the slash and use the function value in place of the substitution.

Bar Charts

10842: Bar Graph y-axis label redraw occurs in limited circumstances

If the following conditions are met in a Bar Graph, there will be a redraw of the y-axis labels: - drawHorizontalFlag is on - traces only, no bars - trace has more points than can be plotted in the graph area

11358: Rounded gradient not supported for 3d bars

The rounded gradient appearance for Bar Graphs does not apply when the bars are set to be three-dimensional.

Charts (General)

12463: Trend graph and stock chart cannot use timestamps before 1970

The time range for a trend graph and stock chart will revert to the current time if the user tries to plot historical data older than 1970.

Composite Object

12073: rtvName must be set before all other properties

The rtvName property of a Composite object must be set before settings its properties. If the rtvName is not set, the public local vars on the Composite display are not available. This is the case for the property sheet, object grid and palette files.

14557: transparencyPercent not supported for composite objects

The composite object does not support the transparencyPercent property.

14558: Tabular variable names must end with "Table"

The tabular variables in Composite displays must end with "Table". If they do not, they will be treated as scalar.

14559: Popup menu highlight incorrect for dd and command for sub object

If you have an object in a Composite display that has a drill down or command, this object will be used instead of the Composite object for drill down or command in the viewer unless the Composite object is in an object grid. However, the Execute Command and Drill Down items on the popup menu use the Composite object, not the object in the Composite display to determine whether or not to enable these items. This means that you may not be able to right- click to Drill Down or Execute Commands.

14561: Alert objects not supported inside composite objects

Alert objects are not supported inside composite objects.

14571: Some var names reserved for vars exposed in Composite displays

There are some names that cannot be used for the public variables in a Composite display. The reserved names are the property names on the obj_composite: "substitutions", "rtvName", "visFlag", "label", "labelTextColor", "labelTextFont", "labelTextAlignX", "labelTextHeight", "bgResizableFlag", "bgVisFlag", "borderPixels", "bgColor", "bgGradientFlag", "objWidth", "objHeight", "bgEdgeWidth", "bg3dFlag", So, if you have a var named label, it will drive the label property on the Composite object, not the label variable in your composite display.

14586: Line of bgColor shows when zoomed even if bgVisFlag = true

If the bgVisFlag is set to true, the bgColor of a composite object should not show around the composite display. This is not the case, however, if you zoom in. In this instance, a pixel-wide line of the bgColor is visible.

14595: Tab stops may stop working in composite objects

Tab stops may stop working within composite objects if the user switches between displays.

17215: bgOpaqueFlag must be turned on in object grid

When a composite object (obj_composite) is used in an object grid (obj_objectgrid), the bgOpaqueFlag property must be turned on in the composite. Otherwise, objects inside a composite that is clipped by the edge of the object grid might be drawn outside of the object grid. In order to avoid showing a border around each composite object in the object grid, edit the display (.rtv) file contained in the composite. Go into Edit->Model Properties and turn off the bgBorderFlag.

Control Objects

10571: Controls not enabled in main window of Display Builder

In order to support editing features such as selecting and moving, the controls are not enabled in the main window of the Display Builder. To test the controls in a display, either open the display in a drill down window, or in the Display Viewer.

11932: No way to deselect all radio buttons in a Radio Button Group

Due to a limitation of the Java Radio controls, a radio group can initially have nothing selected, but once a radio button has been selected in the group, there is no way to deselect all radio buttons in the group. If you have a radio button selected, and the selectedValue changes to a value that does not match the value of any radio button in the group, the selection will not change.

11962: Radio button bgColor property is ignored in Java 1.5

The Java radio button does not support changing the bgColor in Java 1.5. Changing this field will have no effect.

12093: multiple labels in listValues property

If multiple labels in the listValues property have the same value, and if the selectedValue and varToSet properties are attached to the same local variable (as typically), then the first label assigned to the duplicate value will be highlighted in the list when any of the labels with that value are selected.

12119: List and combo box controls listValues property changed

In releases previous to 4.2c1, if the listValues property in the List Box and Combo Box controls was attached to data, it would use the first column of data for both the label and the value of the item. In 4.2c1, this property was enhanced to support using the second column to specify a value separate from the label (see the release note for task #11763). Displays created before 4.2c1 with the listValues property attached to multiple columns of data will break in 4.2c1. To fix this, modify the data attachment to only return a single column of data.

12690: Need -Dswing.aatext=true to have antialiased text in controls

It is possible to force antialiasing of text in control objects, like buttons and tables, by specifying -Dswing.aatext=true on the command line.

15286: Display server date picker can't parse date if not english

The date picker control sets the initially selected date in the popup calendar to be the value of the date picker text field. For non-english locales running in the Display Server, this date cannot be parsed, so the initially selected date is always the current date. This is only a problem in the Display Server version of the date picker control.

15383: Radio buttons don't behave as expected in Display Server

The radio button may not work correctly in the thin client when it is being set by a variable.

Fx Bar Chart

15896: Transitions cannot be set if rowSeriesFlag off

Transitions for the Flex Bar Graph will not function if the rowSeriesFlag is off. In this case, all transitions will behave as though Slide Right was the one chosen. Transitions function normally if the rowSeriesFlag is on.

Fx Trend Chart

14582: Fx Trend Chart does not move smoothly

When moving an Fx Trend object in the Builder, it is best to grab and drag the trend by one of its edges, just inside the selection hilite rectangle. The trend can't be dragged from within the trace area, since that will initiate a zoom. It can be dragged by other interior areas but it may not move smoothly.

14589: legendTextFont property does not support bold fonts

The legendTextFont property does not support bold fonts, for example Serif and SerifBold have the same appearance (unbold).

14591: Shift-click zoom-out not supported in Display Builder main panel

The Fx Trend graph's zoom-out feature (Shift+Click) is not available in the Display Builder's main editing panel. So it is possible to zoom-in on the Fx Trend but not to zoom-out. Both features are available in the Display Builder's preview panel.

14592: timeFormat property does not support all formats

The Fx Trend timeFormat property supports a subset of the time formats available in the trend graph object (obj_trendgraph02). These format characters are supported: y (year), M (month), d (day of month), E (weekday), a (am/pm marker), H (hour 0-23 in day), K (hour 0-11 in am/pm), m (minute), s (second). Also \n can be used for a newline. These characters are NOT supported by Fx Trend: G, w, W, D, S, z, Z.

14593: Fx Trend object obuscures context menu

In the thin client, if the context menu is opened near an Fx Trend object, the menu will be partially hidden by the Fx Trend. Also, a right click inside an Fx Trend will open the Flash Player menu, not the thin client's context menu.

14594: Fx Trend is not supported in the Display Viewer applet

Fx Trend is not supported in the Display Viewer applet on any platform.

14596: Fx Trend object is not included in reports

The Fx Trend object is not included when a report is generated from a display.


15478: Heatmaps with large data may perform slowly in Display Server

Displays containing an obj_heatmap object with a large data set may perform slowly in the Display Server if the object has the drill down target or mouseOverFlag enabled. In this case, the delay is in the refresh of the display, not in the interaction with it.

Pie Charts

10578: Allow selection of pie edge for drill down substitutions

Currently, only the top of the Pie Graph wedge is selectable. Selecting the edge of a wedge for drill down may cause incorrect substitution values to be set on the drill down.

Stock Chart

11809: Overlay traces are not currently aggregated

In the Stock Chart, when the data returned by the data attachment is more granular than the timeRangeMode, the price trace data is aggregated. The overlay traces are not currently aggregated.

11810: Drill down substitutions from aggregated data not aggregated

In the Stock Chart, when the data returned by the data attachment is more granular than the timeRangeMode, the price trace data is aggregated. If you drill down from an aggregated price trace, the substitution that is passed down is not the aggregated data, but the last row in the table for that time period.


10388: Copied table data does not reflect sort or filter

Currently, copied table data does not reflect sort or filter. The data copied will contain all data for the data attachment to the table.

10457: Copied table data does not include row or column names

Copied table data does not include row name or column names. This also applies to copying a row name or column name as a single cell.

10576: Rotated Table doesn't show checkboxes for boolean values

Currently, rotated tables do not show checkboxes for cells containing boolean values.

10677: Changes may be lost if window closed while editing table

If you edit a table cell and do not press <Enter> or click anywhere else in the Display Builder before terminating the table editing, the cell edit will be lost. The table editing may be terminated by closing the window containing the table or right-clicking and selecting Save Edits or Cancel Edits.

10678: User not prompted to save table edits when exiting an applet

If you edit a table in the Display Viewer Applet and do not save your changes, you will not be prompted to save them when exiting the Display Viewer Applet.

10691: Table objects redraw on top of scroll bars when zoomed in

When a display is zoomed in so that a table overlaps the scroll bar on the window, the table's scroll bar will draw on top of the window's scroll bar.

10761: Column alignment for table cells in edit mode reverts to default

The alignment of table cell contents for a cell in edit mode defaults to left for text, right for digits, and center for checkboxes.

11024: Copied table data includes hidden columns

Table data copied to an external application via the clipboard includes columns listed in the columnsToHide property.

11204: A small value for maxNumberOfRows may break dynamic filtering

If the insertNewRowsFlag property is checked on obj_table02, new rows of tabular data received from the data source are added to the data rows previously received. To limit memory usage, the maxNumberOfRows property limits the total number of data rows that are kept by obj_table02. Old data rows are discarded to maintain the limit. This means that the number of data rows obj_table02 will have to use in sorting and filtering is at most maxNumberOfRows. If filterProperties is used to hide some rows, then the maximum number of rows displayed by the table may be less than maxNumberOfRows. Also, the order of rows in a sorted column may change as old data rows are discarded.

11966: scrollbarMode property not supported in the Display Server

The scrollbarMode property is not supported in the Display Server. Scrollbars are always shown "As Needed".

11967: Sort icon not initially visible in the Display Server

The column sorting icon is not displayed when a display is first loaded.

12083: Table cell bitmaps not included with Export to HTML/Excel

Bitmaps in table cells are not exported when a table is exported to HTML or Excel from the Display Server. Instead of the bitmap, the value of the cell is displayed.

12162: Quotation marks in local variables not read correctly

Local variables that have a value containing quotation marks do not work properly. There are two cases where this fails. 1. Where the initial value of a local variable contains quotation marks. 2. Where a local variable value is set dynamically to a value containing quotation marks (for example, from a list box or other control object). In this case it cannot be used as a table filter in the Display Server. This problem does not occur in the Display Builder or Display Viewer.

12417: filterProperties image is clipped sporadically

Large images that appear in table cells for filter values may sometimes be clipped to the font size of the row. It is recommended that you use images that are not larger than the font size height.

12501: Some drill down substitutions do not support multiple selection

Data source specific substitutions do not show multiple values when multiple rows are selected for drill down in the table object. Only substitutions defined in the drillDownColumnSubs property and the following built-in drill down substitutions support multiple values: $col1

12502: indexColumn property is not supported in the Display Server

The indexColumn property of the table is not supported in the Display Server.

Trend Charts

10788: Markers paint twice when alarm threshold properties are changed

If a Trend Graph has an alarm threshold set using from a table and any of the alarm properties are changed, the graph will draw twice, the first time in a state with no alarm markers applied, and a second time in the appropriate color and marker style for the alarms.

11483: Legend selection to highlight trace broken if zoomEnabledFlag on

In the Trend Graph, if you hold the mouse button down on an item in the legend, only the associated graph trace will show in the graph. This feature does not work if the zoomEnabledFlag is selected.

XY Charts

10966: Trace area width adjusts as you scroll

If there is no legend in an XY Graph, the trace area width may change as you scroll horizontally, due to x-axis label changes. This may cause the vertical scrollbar to wiggle left and right.

12201: Cursor diamond incorrectly placed when data not sorted

If data in the XY graph is not sorted, cursor diamond may appear in unexpected locations.

Platform Support

14806: Tables are not supported in report generation on Mac

Tabular cell data does not appear correctly in generated reports on Macintosh.

14807: No cell lines in tables in builder or viewer on iMac

Cell lines are not visible in tables in RTView for Mac OS X.

22461: Jide warning messages under Java 9

When Running the builder under Java 9 you may see the following warning messages (or similar) generated by the third party Jide library WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by com.jidesoft.swing.JideTabbedPane (file:/C:/rtview/core/lib/jide-common.jar) to field javax.swing.JTabbedPane.visComp WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of com.jidesoft.swing.JideTabbedPane WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release You can suppress these warning messages by using the command line arguments with the java runtime --add-opens java.desktop/javax.swing=ALL-UNNAMED These command line arguments can be added to the builder by the use of the RTV_JAVAOPTS environment variable e.g. SET RTV_JAVAOPTS=--add-opens java.desktop/javax.swing=ALL-UNNAMED

RTView Display Panel

10286: Problem if duplicate object attribute in display

If an attribute of an object in a display is specified more than once, only the final value takes effect. This may obscure errors in files that are not created by RTView.

10852: Child windows do not close when parent window display changed

Although child windows close when a parent window closes, they do not close when a parent window's display is changed.

11597: Popup displayed on wrong monitor in a dual monitor setting

When running with dual monitors, the RTView popup menu will always appear in the first monitor window, even if the application is running in the second.

12699: OutOfBounds error when loading rtv file with long path

An OutOfBoundsException may occur when loading a display where the file path contains many forward slashes. This problem does not occur with backslashes.


12259: Zoomed or cropped displays are cropped in report output

The report output from a display that is cropped or zoomed in will only show the portion of the display that is visible at the time of the export. Control objects and the bars of bar graphs may bleed outside the borders of the screen capture.

12260: Display Viewer Applet does not cache PDF files

The Display Viewer Applet does not cache exported PDF files. The user will not be able to refresh the PDF file, or navigate away and back to it, as a result.

12460: Japanese characters are wrong font in PDF output

Japanese, Korean and Chinese characters may be output to PDF in an incorrect font.

12666: Report generator throws exception for JMS data attachments

The RTView Report Generator throws an exception for displays that contain attachments to the JMS Data Source.


11592: Login reappears if you leave applet and return to it with "back"

When running the Display Viewer Applet with role-based security enabled, users will be required to login each time the applet is started. If you leave the applet and return to it, you will be required to log back in.


10246: Need to encode XML source URL's which contain spaces

An XML source that is defined as a URL with spaces will not be URL encoded, which will cause it to fail. To use a URL with a space as an XML source, it must be manually encoded.

12266: Substitutions mapped to local vars sometimes lose initial value

Substitutions mapped to local variables will lose their initial value if 1. The display containing the substitution was opened as a drill down from a display that also contained that substitution. 2. The parent panel is modified so that the substitution is removed.

12473: Spaces in command line arguments do not work on *Nix

Spaces in command line arguments are not supported on Linux and UNIX.


11965: Edit Display and Save Servers disabled on Unix

The Edit Display and Save Servers options are disabled in the UNIX version of the TIBCO EMS Manager.

12448: Browsing topics/queues with Data Server needs monitor messages

Browsing topics and queues requires that Monitor Messages be enabled if the EMS Manager is receiving data from the Data Server.

12503: EMS Manager server topology not supported in Display Server

The EMS Manager server topology is not currently supported in the Display Server.

TIBCO EMS Manager - Monitoring

11753: Data Server always assumes Hawk is available

When using the Data Server with the EMS Manager, it is always assumed that Hawk data is available, even if Hawk is not being used on the server. You can manually disable the Hawk Host Details display by setting the "usehawk false" option in the EMSMGR.ini file.

Transaction Message Monitor

11143: Transaction Monitor for JMS does not support message size

Message size is not supported by the Transaction Monitor for JMS. This field is 0 for all messages.

12698: Data source heartbeat commands not supported

The Transaction Monitor does not load any data sources so the only heartbeat commands it can support are System commands.


10569: Some options in Print dialog are not supported.

The Properties and Print to File options in the Print dialog are not supported.

19930: drillDownColumnSubs behavior on date column differs in viewer & thin client

If a table object's drillDownColumnSubs sets a substitution (say, $time) from a date column, the thin client will set $time to the numeric (long) value of the timestamp, but the viewer will set $time to the string value of the timestamp using the default time format. For example in the thin client the drilldown gives this result $time = 1409683779510 but in the viewer it gives this result: $time = Sep 5, 2014 8:57:08 AM A Date Format function can be applied to the $time variable in the drilldown display to get the same date format in both the viewer and thin client.

Viewer - Applet

10597: Named window cleared if drill down display does not exist

If the display for a drill down into an existing window is not found by the Display Viewer Applet, the display in the existing window is still cleared.

10853: JavaScript method setRTViewName() only works in a web server

The setRTViewName() JavaScript method does not work from an applet accessed through the local file system. Access the applet from a web server to use this method.

11601: Internet Explorer loses focus on drill down between panels

When you drill down from one panel to another in a multi-panel display, the browser window loses focus.

11806: The timezone does not work for applets using the 1.5 plugin

The option to set the timezone does not work correctly for applets when run with the 1.5 plugin.

Viewer - Java Web Start

16549: Images with space in the path don't load from jar

If an image with a space in the path is deployed in a jar, it cannot be loaded in Java Web Start. This is not a problem for images in the JWS deployment directory, only with images loaded from jars.

Viewer - Multi-Panel Frameworks

11048: Window title ends with unnamed.rtv if not set in PANELS.ini

If a window title is not specified in your panel configuration file, the window title will end with unnamed.rtv.

11171: Narrow panels display wrong when BorderPanel resized too small

When using the BorderPanel, if the north or south panels are very thin (aspect ratio < .10 e.g.) problems may occur if the window is resized to less than about half its original size.

11172: BorderPanel resizes incorrectly if RTViewPanels not correct size

When using the BorderPanel be sure that any RTViewPanels that are contained within the regions are sized correctly, otherwise resizing of the window causes the panels to resize in different ratios. Make sure that the width of the north and south panels match the total width of the west, center, and east panels.


11371: Some applications may leave temporary files

The Data Server (file mode only) and Transaction Monitor both output XML files on each update pass. During this process, a temporary file is created that contains the XML. This file may not always be deleted if the application terminates unexpectedly while the file is being written.

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