RTView® Enterprise Monitor

Known Limitations


21725: Historian log reports autocommit error in MYSQL and MSSQL

Users of the Historian may experience the following error when using MySQL: MYSQL: SQLException: Can't call commit when autocommit=true Or the following error when using Microsoft SQL Server: MSSQL: SQLException: commit() should not be called while in auto-commit mode. This error is benign and does not indicate any loss of data. For the sake of clean logs, it can be addressed in the following manner: MySQL - Relax autocommit in the URL specified for your connection, as follows: jdbc:mysql://MyHOST:3306/MyDB?relaxAutoCommit=true Microsoft SQL Server - Use the current drivers provided by Microsoft: sqljdbc42.jar

Key Metrics

20205: "Response Time" KM for WSM mapped to non-history column

The Response Time key metric for WebSphere (CI Type WAS-APP) is not supported in the Key Metrics History displays at this time.

20324: KM filtering is not supported on tablets

The Filter in the Key Metrics displays cannot be modified when running on a tablet. This is because the Filter is set via popup menu which is not supported on tablets.


20157: History Table Statistics does not calculate Deltas until one update cycle passed

The History Table Statistics display will initially show incorrect data for Delta Rows. You must wait one update cycle for this to be resolved.


20838: "stop_rtv all" does not include a server listed after "viewer/builder" lines

Documentation clarification: The rtvservers.dat file contains groups of servers called a "config", associated by a common name, e.g. "central". Such groups must be contiguous in the file. That is to say, a config may not be split up in the file; all the servers it includes must appear contiguously.

Solution Package


21559: Unable to remove a stopped container in Docker: 'device or resource busy'

If cAdvisor is started after other containers, it prevents Docker from removing those containers. If cAdvisor is the first container loaded into Docker, then other containers can be removed without any issue. The workaround is to start the cAdvisor before any other container.


21923: MysqlServerProperties cache columns don't support mixed MySQL versions

The MysqlServerProperties cache columns are created based on the first connection property that returns result. If subsequent connection results return that are a different version of MySQL, they may contain a different order or number of columns. The result is that the MysqlServerProperties cache may show row values in the wrong columns. This problem only appears if you look at the cache directly for troubleshooting purposes -- it does not effect any displays.


21865: Calculated Totals on the Neighbor Summary display are not a direct sum

The calculated totals field in the Solace Monitor "Neighbor Summary" display are not always an exact sum of the above calculated fields. This is because the values in the Totals row are not derived by adding up the Data, Control, and Discards values. These calculations are derived from a direct query to the Solace appliance of the total number of messages to its CSPF Neighbors. The delta and rate calculations are therefor not always exact sum of the calculations against the Data, Control, and Discarded messages.


20568: HawkAlerts cache sometimes out of sync with with alerts in the Hawk Display

There are 2 cases where the HawkAlerts cache may not be in sync with the Hawk Alerts on an agent: 1. If RTView does not receive any updates for a HawkAlert for the amount of time specified in $rtvHawkAlertClearTime + $rtvHawkAlertDeleteTime (defaults to 10 days + 1 hour), it is removed from the HawkAlerts cache. 2. When using a sender to update the HawkAlerts cache, any events that occur when the sender is running but the receiver is not will be missed. To fix this, restart the sender after any restart of the receiver.

VMWare vSphere

20594: MySQL historian requires NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES

The VMWMON package collect metrics about disk usage on Windows systems, which results in the backslash (\) character being present in the data collected. MySQL databases will not correctly store data with a backslash (\) unless the NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES mode is enabled.

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