RTView® Monitor for Solace®

Version 3.7.0 Release Notes

RTView Core Functionality


3.7.0: Fixed an issue with disabling event alerts

In previous releases, disabling event alerts was sometimes ignored due to a bug that was introduced in RTView Classic 6.7.0, RTView EM 3.2.0. This has been fixed.


21672: Builder enhanced to remember dialog window sizes and positions

The Display Builder has been enhanced to automatically save and restore the size and location of the following dialogs: - Open (File->Open) - Save (File->Save/Save-As) - Function Results (Function Dialog->Result Button) The Tools->Reset Window Layout menu option and the -resetlayout command line option restore the size and location of these windows in addition to the other windows that were previously reset.

Builder - Property Dialogs

15582: Japanese label for "Update Mode" property now shown on certain dialogs

Previously, the Japanese label for "Update Mode" property was not shown on certain polled ds attach to data dialogs when running on a Japanese OS. The English label was used instead. This is no longer the case. Affected dialogs include the custom polledds and polledds2 example data sources, and the http rest data source

Data Server

21898: Fixed an issue with rtvquery returning errors on valid query strings

In previous releases, the rtvquery servlet would sometimes return an error of "No data received before timeout, query may be invalid" for a specific, valid cache query string, on every attempt. The servlet needed to be restarted to clear the error. This has been fixed.

Display Server

21906: Thin client enhanced to check user role access on each request

In prior releases, after a user had logged into the thin client, the user could manually enter a specific URL in the same browser instance and possibly view data from rtview displays to which the user's role should have denied access. This is fixed.

21908: Enhanced display server with option to limit access to specific panel files

The display server now supports a "permitpanel" option to specify the panel layout files that the server will read. A panel layout for the thin client is requested from the display server with a URL parameter as follows: panels.jsp?file=X where X is the name of the panel layout file that the server should read. By default, the display server will attempt to read any filename on the server that is specified by the URL parameter. If the file is a valid panel layout file, the thin client will use it. But if the file does not exist, a "no such file" error is displayed in the browser, and if the file exists but does not contain the expected layout information, a "no panels found" error is displayed in the browser. The permitpanel option allows you to specify the file(s) which the display server will read in response to a panels.jsp request. Requests from panels.jsp for any other files are rejected with a "Permission denied" error shown in the browser, regardless of whether the file exists or not, and the server will not attempt to read such files. The option may be specified multiple times to allow access to multiple panel files. Command-line example: run_displayserver -permitpanel:PANELS.ini -permitpanel:layout.xml DISPLAYSERVER.ini example: permitpanel PANELS.ini permitpanel layout.xml In addition, the display server supports another new option to prevent attempts to load remote files, as follows: -permitfile:LOCAL_ONLY If that option is specified any rtv or image files that are referenced by URL will not be read and the server will log a message similar to the following: non-local file read permission denied: http://host/somefile

21912: Fixed phishing vulnerabilities in thin client

In prior releases, it was possible to create phishing URLs which appeared to be directed at the rtview thin client but would redirect the user to another site, or download and possibly execute a file. These vulnerabilities have been fixed.

Platform Support

21871: RTView upgraded to Java 1.7

RTView is now built with Java 1.7. Java 1.6 is no longer supported.

Version 3.6.0 Release Notes


21748: Fixed an issue where Unix data servers sometimes failed to shut down

In previous releases, using stop_rtv on Unix platforms to stop a TIBCO solution package data server process sometimes failed due to a spurious rvd process. This has been fixed.


21846: New RTView Monitor for Solace - AMI option

RTView Monitor for Solace is now available pre-installed on an Amazon EC2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running Amazon Linux. It comes pre-installed with a 30-day license, and is configured to start all RTView processes and supporting services on restart. The AMI includes the following application stack for convenience of quick deployment. Please refer to /home/ec2-user/amibase/MANIFEST.txt for the full version info: Oracle Java 8 Node Docker MySQL 5.7 (via Docker) for storage of historical data rtvHostAgent (via Docker) for providing host metrics to RTVMGR cadvisor-rtview (via Docker) for providing docker metrics to RTVMGR The scripts used to create the docker containers are included in named subdirectories under /home/ec2-user/amibase, to be used as templates if you wish to recreate the containers with your preferred configuration. The MySQL database data is stored external to the docker container at /home/ec2-user/amibase/mysql/DATA. Initial Setup: You may gain access to the community rtvsolmon-VERSION-YYYYMMDD-community AMI via sl.com, at http://sl.com/solace-ami-free-trial/. We recommend starting with an instance from the t2 family, sized according to the number of Solace appliances you are monitoring. Depending on how much archival data you wish to store in the database, you may wish to increase your disk size past the default 8 GB of the AMI. After creating an instance from the rtvsolmon-VERSION-YYYYMMDD-community AMI, you will need to SSH to your instance to add the connection properties for your Solace appliance(s) to /home/ec2-user/RTViewSolaceMonitor/em-solmon/servers/solmon/sample.properties. Please see the User Guide for full details.


21205: Thin client table objects are now rendered as HTML5

The table objects in the EM thin client have been enhanced to provide improved filtering, sorting, and other interactive features. See the release note for 20185 for a detailed description of the new table features.

21813: Fixed an issue with group objects and wrapped diagrams

In the previous release, if the first object in a wrapped diagram was defined to be included in a group, it was not included in the group object. This has been fixed.


21739: Enhanced the All JVMs Heatmap display with a Source drop down

A drop down for Source has been added to the All JVMs heatmap display.

21740: Enhanced the All JVMs Table display with a Source drop down

A drop down for Source has been added to the All JVMs Table display.

21754: Fixed an issue preventing JVM Runtime data collection

A bug that prevented collection of JVM Runtime data from several versions of Java (6, 7 and 8 versions) has been fixed.

21792: Enhanced the All JVMs Table display with more columns

PID, Host Name, Current Heap, and Used Heap have been added to the All JVMs Table display.

21793: Enhanced the All JVMs Heatmap display

The All JVMs Heatmap display from RTVMGR Solution Package has been enhanced to include PID, Current Heap, and Used Heap. The last two metrics are also included in the Metric drop down.

21838: Enhanced RTVMGR in SOLMON Bundle

The RTVMGR configuration has been enhanced in RTView Monitor for Solace. It now includes monitoring for a MySQL Database, as well as Host and Docker metrics. For users of the RTView Monitor for Solace AMI version, all connection properties populate these displays have been pre-configured in the standard sample.properties file and do not require further configuration. Users of the On Premise version will not see data in the Host or MySQL displays unless they choose to configure these.

RTView Core Functionality


21795: Fixed an issue where the Cleared Reason for an alert was incorrect

In prevous releases, the Cleared Reason was sometimes incorrect after an alert was disabled and re-enabled. This has been fixed.

Data Historian

21699: Enhanced Historian compaction to avoid long delays

The Historian smooth compaction code no longer performs a row count. This prevents long delays during smoothing by avoiding Select Count(*) calls.

Display Server

21772: Extra-bold font in Firefox fixed

In the previous release, objects using font index 7 (sans-serif bold) would appear extra bold in some versions of Firefox if the display server was configured to use the extended font feature with arimob.ttf assigned to font 7. This has been fixed.

21853: Fixed an issue with small numbers not updating to zero in the thin client

In previous releases, the value displayed in an obj_rect_ilv object would not change if the previous value was greater than zero and less than one, and a value of zero was applied. This problem occurred only in the thin client and is now fixed.


21714: Added Unix scripts to create .war files for a given solution package

The script make_package_wars.sh has been added to the rtvapm distribution. Like make_package_wars.bat, it is used to create an initial set of war files for a given solution package. The war files are created in the <package>/webapps directory. After they are created, update_wars.bat/sh should be run to update them with the correct port numbers. The scripts should be run from the <package>/webapps directory. They take the package name as argument, e.g. "make_package_wars.sh bwmon".

21771: Fixed an issue where ports were misidentified

The rtvapm start/stop/status scripts, when testing the ports of a given server, would incorrectly identify a port as "taken" whose number contained the server's number with a leading or trailing digit. (For example finding 33675 in use and saying 3675 is taken.) This has been corrected.

Solution Package


21697: Fixed an issue preventing Tomcat from stopping cleanly

A bug that prevented Tomcat from stopping cleanly on UNIX and Linux systems has been fixed. The CATALINA_PID variable is now defined in the Tomcat setenv.sh script for these systems. Also, the start_tomcat.sh script requirement of JAVA_HOME being set in the environment has been changed to require Java available in the PATH. This change will allow starting RTView processes at startup before the user environment has been set.

21786: All Endpoints Table display enhanced with two new check boxes

Two new check boxes to filter by Expired and Down have been added to the All Endpoints Table display.

21787: All VPNs Table display enhanced with two new check boxes

Two new check boxes to filter by Expired and Disabled have been added to the All VPNs Table display.

21788: All Clients Table display enhanced with two new check boxes

The All Clients Table display has been enhanced by adding two check boxes to filter by Expired and Internal. By default, Expired and Disabled check boxes are unchecked, meaning that only non-expired of the Primary Type Clients are shown. When checked, all Clients, expired and non-expired as well as Primary and Internal will be respectively shown.

21789: All CSPF Neighbors Table display enhanced with two new check boxes

Two new check boxes for State Ok and Expired have been added to the All CSPF Neighbors Table display. By default both check boxes are unchecked, meaning that all non-expired CSPF Neighbors are shown. When Ok is checked, only CSPF Neighbors with State=Ok are shown. When Expired is checked all CSPF Neighbors, expired and non-expired are shown in the table.

21790: All Bridges Table display enhanced with two new check boxes

Two new check boxes for "Disabled" and "Expired" have been added to the All Bridges Table display. By default the "Expired" check box is unchecked, meaning that only non-expired Bridges are shown, and the "Disabled" check box is checked, which shows all Bridges regardless of their Admin State. When "Disabled" is unchecked, only enabled Bridges with Admin State=Enabled are shown. When "Expired" is checked, all expired Bridges are shown in the table, in addition to the non-expired Bridges.

21799: CSPF cache enhanced with Ingress/Egress metrics

Ingress and Egress metrics for CSPF Neighbor Msg Routers have been added.

21800: New CSPF Ingress/Egress metrics are now available

Ingress/Egress metrics for CSPF Neighbor Msg Routers have been stored in history from the CSPH Neighbor cache. The table creation SQL statement for supported platforms is located in solmon/dbconfig directory. The name of the table is SOL_CSPF_NEIGHBOR. By default, data is being stored in history for this table. To disable storage of historical data, edit the sample.properties file and uncomment the following property: collector.sl.rtview.sub=$SOL_CSPF_NEIGHBOR_TABLE:''

21801: SolAppliances cache enhanced with two new metrics

Two new metrics have been included in the SolAppliances cache. Host Address and Connected. The later keeps track of the connection state of the Msg Router.

21803: Message Router Summary display enhanced with Host Address

The Host Address has been added to the header of the Msg Router Summary display.

21804: EM enhanced with a new alert

A new alert,SolMsgRouterNotConnected, has been added. This alert will be executed when the Msg Router is not ready for collecting monitoring data.

21807: SOLMON tables functionality enhanced

All tabular displays now select a row by single clicking and drill down to the corresponding summary by double clicking. The enhanced displays are the following: - Message Routers->All Message Routers Table - Neighbors-> CSPH Neigbors Table - VPNs->All VPNs Table - Clients->All Clients Table - Bridges-> All Bridges Table - Endpoints-> All Endpoints Table - Capacity Analysis-> All Msg Routers Capacity

21808: All Msg Routers Heatmap display has been enhanced

Two check boxes, "Connected" and "Expired", have been added to the All Msg Routers Heatmap display.

21809: Enhanced some displays to correctly align their contents

The Msg Router and the Capacity displays for the corresponding menu tags have been enhanced to correctly align their contents.

21810: Enhanced EM with a new page for CSPF Neighbors

The CSPF Neighbor Msg Router displays have been organised under a new menu tab named Neighbors.

21812: Msg Router VPN Activity display has been enhanced

The Msg Router VPN Activity display has been enhanced to show the most active VPNs sorted by Client Connections, Ingress/Egress bytes / sec and Pending Msgs. The number of VPNs shown is adjusted to the height of the window.

21814: EM enhanced with new metrics

In Msgs /sec and Out Msgs / sec have been added to the SOLMON-MSGROUTER CI Type as Key Metrics.

21817: Trend Value precision is now one decimal value in Client Summary display

The precision of the trend values has been changed to one decimal value in the Client Summary display.

21827: Enhanced EM by standardizing colors across multiple displays

The following displays have been improved to follow RTView EM standards on color trends: - Message Router Capacity Summary - Message Router Capacity Trends - Single Message Router Summary - Single Bridge Summary - Single Client Summary - Single Endpoint Summary - Single VPN Summary