SL-GMS Demos

This Traffic Control application demo (viewed as a Java applet). This applet is portable, performs exceptionally well and is highly compact -- less than 170K! The applet could be easily customized via simple text files, without any modification to code.


This applet above represents real-time traffic information displayed as icons that automatically update over an arbitrary map.

To Add, Delete or Edit Icons, select a button from the top navigation bar and then click directly on the map to perform the selected action. Click the right mouse button for a context sensitive pop-up menu of shortcuts.

To Zoom and Pan: Select ' Zoom In' or 'Zoom Out' and click on a selected area of the map. Select 'Pan' and then drag the map holding down the left mouse button. Note: It is not possible to 'Pan' at 100% visibility. Click the right mouse button as a shortcut to toggle zoom/pan controls.

Use the 'Save This View' button to save a user-defined view as a cookie. This view will be available next time you load the applet. Click the 'Show Saved View' button to return to this view.

Click on a traffic icon to invoke a dynamic pop-up dialog. Click 'Deselect All' to turn off the dialogs.

Use the check boxes at the bottom to control the display of various layers.

Development Notes:

This application is less than 170K, including the map layering, the vector font, the icons, and all interactive behaviors. Maps are stored in a binary format tailored for map poylines resulting in optimum compression and faster downloads.

The map data set parameters are set from user-defined text file which is read by the applet at runtime so it is easy to reconfigure without changing code.

The Symbols are GIF images and are dynamically instantiated from simple text files. The text files contain records describing each icon and its attributes. The information dialogs are GMS models.

This demo could easily be extended to develop a more complete Traffic Control application.