SL-GMS Demos

This Command and Control application demo (viewed as a Java applet) was constructed using SL-GMS J/Developer This applet is highly compact, portable and performs exceptionally well.


This applet represents a collection of symbols moving over an arbitrary map.

It is possible to zoom and pan to various locations: Select 'Zoom In/Out' and click on a selected area of the map. Hold down the SHIFT key and click to zoom out. Select 'Pan' and then drag the map holding down the left mouse button. (Note: It is not possible to 'Pan' at 100% visibility.) Click the right mouse button as a shortcut to toggle zoom/pan controls or terminate the operation.

Use the checkboxes on the left panel to control the display of various layers. The left panel radio buttons allow you to display symbols in several different modes.

Left click on a symbol in the diagram to view its Name, Direction and variable information in the right panel display. The right panel also features radio buttons to display and set the current affiliation status of the symbol.

Development Notes:

This applet is ~106K, including the maps, different layers, symbols and all interactive behaviors.

The symbols are GMS models and are dynamically instantiated from DATA files. The DATA files contain records describing each symbol and its attributes.

This demo could easily be extended to develop a more complete Command and Control application.