SL-GMS Demos

This Process Control application demo (viewed as a Java applet) was constructed SL-GMS J/Developer.



The applet above represents a collection of Process Control Models.

Select AUTO MODE ON to view data displays in an automated sequence. To view individual displays on command click AUTO MODE OFF and select a specific model display.

Click on a model to view its Name, Class and variable information in the left panel display.

In the "auxtanks" display, right click on either the tank level or thermometer and select both the graph and faceplate. Change the set point for either the temperature or the tank level by left clicking either the sp+ or sp- button on the faceplate. In the graph, observe the selected set point change followed by the actual temperature or tank level. When the temperature set point is changed, notice how the flame level beneath the tank is also adjusted.

Development Notes:

This applet is ~170K, including the models and all interactive behaviors.

This demo could easily be extended to develop a more complete Process Control application.